Best comment yet on what I insist on calling FemThor.

Other points:

  • Thor is actually the regular guy’s name, so what’s he going to be called while whoever-she-is is busy being Thor? Does he take Prince’s old glyph?
  • Thor has been replaced at least twice before, by the very heroic-sounding Eric Masterson (he of the hair of pony and extremity of nineties) and the infinitely-better-than-you’ve-heard Beta Ray Bill (the “space horse”). He’s also been dead once in recent memory. And he’s come back as the One True Guy With the Hammer every time. If you think this time is permanent, there’s a nice bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing as well.
  • It’s Angela, right? We all know it’s Angela, and Marvel is trying not to say. But it’s OK: we know.
  • The next line to lay odds on: how soon FemThor dies and comes back to life. I’m saying death in fall of 2018, back for the summer movie season of 2020.
  • And poor Wolverine’s impending death is now utterly yesterday’s news — how sad for him.

(image from Our Valued Customers; sentiment from some random smart woman in some random comics shop)

Scott Bateman for The Nib anatomizes our brave new world of corporate personhood.

By Gemma Correll, from The Nib. Not sure which one is my favorite, but I love the happy whale in his storm,.



Between working on various writing projects – some fill-in scripting for Batman ’66 (issue 13, out this July!) a few back-up stories for a different comic book based on a TV show, a new graphic novel, and a bananas monthly book/webcomic with the tougher than leather Nate Doyle – I’ve…

All of the songs mentioned in Jaime Hernandez’s classic Locas stories — the only way it could be better would be if you could click and listen straight through. But a flat list is awfully good to begin with.

Greg Guillemin has a long series of Pop Art-ish paintings of mostly Big Two superheroes doing everyday things (eating, grooming, making out, etc.) under the title The Secret Life of Heroes. There’s also some Disney characters, just to make identifying them from the close-ups that much more challenging.

Also: Batman eating a donut, thus your argument is invalid.


Reblog if you often panic while making sandwiches.

I’ve undergone a complex personal evolution wherein painful
confusion has given way to what I like to think of as some degree of wisdom, culminating in my current Zarathustrian sense of self — is that it?

Anonymous Asked
QuestionWhat is the best MST3K skit? Answer


In my opinion, there is no single best skit. They each appeal to different styles of humor, and the better-remembered ones all tend to be pretty different even from each other.

What I can tell you are my favorites, most of which involve jingles and are not listed in any particular order:

  • The sad guitar song from Girl in Gold Boots (parodying Critter’s sad guitar song in the movie) in which Crow fades in and out to inform Mike about an escalating disaster on the ship as Mike laments about love via guitar.
  • The Werewolf song from Werewolf
  • Idiot Control Now from Pod People
  • The Noh Theater skit from Invasion of the Neptune Men
  • The post-Gumby skit in The Screaming Skull

But that’s just me.

Gotta be “No Matches for Mikey” from 623/Amazing Transparent Man. That is uniquely deranged and special.

Honorable mention to the wormhole/time displacement/chicken puppet sketch from 816/Prince of Space and the children’s show for the space children in 811/Parts: the Clonus Horror.

I believe the source is Madeleine Flores; I found this shamefully unlinked.
(Folks: if you like something and reblog it, credit it — stuff you like is statistically proven to come from people who do other stuff you’ll like.)

I believe the source is Madeleine Flores; I found this shamefully unlinked.

(Folks: if you like something and reblog it, credit it — stuff you like is statistically proven to come from people who do other stuff you’ll like.)


In light of recent nonsense that I was dragged into because I’m “a girl” and I make comics for a living, I thought this older comic was worth re-posting.

Women make and read comics, and we’re doing so in ever-increasing numbers.

You gotta deal with it.

(Oh, and the “Comics are a man’s world” quote was taken from the comments section of an article on Wired. That is literally what a dude said, “comics are a man’s world.” I mean, what?)

Absolutely true. Sad that people need to keep saying it, but there is no end to human stupidity.

From Keith Knight’s K Chronicles at Daily Kos.

For the people who think racism doesn’t exist.