Jon Stewart’s Priceless Response To Fox News On Ferguson

Jon Stewart is back from vacation, and he’s not wasting any time going after one of his favorite targets: Fox News.

Watch his the full brilliant 10  minute monologue on racism and Ferguson  here. 


5 charts that prove it’s time workers got a raise


Combined, it’s a devastating picture. And the economy would be much stronger — meaning, likely larger profits to business overall — if we could correct this problem. But no business can move in that direction alone, and we have one political party that will fight to the death to stop any government operation from ever working correctly (and another party that’s a mixture of well-meaning, naive, corrupt, clueless, and equally corporate-owned). So keep tuned for the Great American Decline, unless someone can break the logjam and start getting workers more of the benefits of their work.


The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

And what did the Romans ever give us, anyway?


This is my new favorite design fail.

Subtle failures of message are wonderful, aren’t they?

What a staggering waste of money.

Possibly the greatest Disney merch ever: they’re magnetic, with a metal disc that goes under clothes so they can stand on your shoulders. Source.

On the way to see Guardians of Galaxy yesterday — which is just as fun as people are saying, by the way — my two sons and I were reminiscing about the glories of wack-bat. And so I wanted to share.

Best comment yet on what I insist on calling FemThor.

Other points:

  • Thor is actually the regular guy’s name, so what’s he going to be called while whoever-she-is is busy being Thor? Does he take Prince’s old glyph?
  • Thor has been replaced at least twice before, by the very heroic-sounding Eric Masterson (he of the hair of pony and extremity of nineties) and the infinitely-better-than-you’ve-heard Beta Ray Bill (the “space horse”). He’s also been dead once in recent memory. And he’s come back as the One True Guy With the Hammer every time. If you think this time is permanent, there’s a nice bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing as well.
  • It’s Angela, right? We all know it’s Angela, and Marvel is trying not to say. But it’s OK: we know.
  • The next line to lay odds on: how soon FemThor dies and comes back to life. I’m saying death in fall of 2018, back for the summer movie season of 2020.
  • And poor Wolverine’s impending death is now utterly yesterday’s news — how sad for him.

(image from Our Valued Customers; sentiment from some random smart woman in some random comics shop)

Scott Bateman for The Nib anatomizes our brave new world of corporate personhood.